Things to do at Kinsarvik Camping in Norway

Things to do at Kinsarvik Camping in Norway

Planning a visit to Kinsarvik in Norway and need a place to camp? Here at Kinsarvik Camping we offer a huge space for camping vans, mobile homes and also your tents. The camping area are equipped with playgrounds for the kids, our own kiosk and a lot of different locations for you to enjoy in a sunchair while you look up at the stunning scenery surrounding the camp - the fjord.

But it does not end there. In addition to Kinsarvik Camping providing a place to stay, there are a lot of activities close by. We believe there is something for everyone to enjoy here in Kinsarvik in Norway.

No matter if you are an athlete with the wish to go on challenging hikes, or if you are looking for a place to relax and let your shoulders down – we got you! With multiple attractions and activities available, maybe it would be nice to get a feel of what might suit you the best?  Let us take a look shall we?

For the one who can not sit still

If you are eager to get out on a hike and experience the wild nature here in Kinsarvik Norway, there are several trips available, and even more if you start wandering off on your own (Not recommended though).

  • Nykkjesøyfossen: The trip takes about one and a half hours, with two more waterfalls within a three hour long walk. Experience the rushing sounds from the water, and see all the fish in the lakes that flow underneath.
  • Kjeåsen: 600 meters above the water lies an old farm. Today the farm is reckoned as the farm with the most questionable and difficult position. Still, the farm is up and running and has become a place many want to visit.

Mini road trips

  • Låtefossen: If you drive towards the city of Odda, you will see Låtefossen. The waterfall has gotten its name from the sound you can hear while standing on the road - almost like a song.
  • Vøringsfossen: This is Norway's most famous waterfall, and yup - it is located here in Kinsarvik. The waterfall itself has a length at 182 meter straight down. The drive is around 1,5 hours from Kinsarvik Camping.
  • Trolltunga: Maybe you have heard of this attraction? With an explicit view from the tip of the tongue, TRolltunga is a memory you will have forever.

To the seeker of adrenaline rush

Maybe you are traveling with kids, and would like an activity that will keep them preoccupied? Or prehaps you would just like to have some extra fun yourself? Keep reading

  • Go Kart: Buckle up and get ready for a fast ride at Kinsarvik GoKart. The lane is 578 meters long with 8 meters in with. Bring your kids or friends to a fun day with racing!
  • Mikkel Parken: This park might be best suited if you are traveling with kids. Still, there is nobody who says adults can not have some fun with waterslides, electrical cars, minigolf and more!
  • Helicopter tours: Book an helicopter tour and experience the wonderful nature of Kinsarvik. Up in the clouds here we come!
  • Summer Ski Center: 1100 meters long with a height difference of 250 meters. Bring your skies or rent at the center and enjoy a ski trip down hill in the middle of summer

Great if you would like to chillax

What if I want to do something relaxing, but still be out in nature? Well, in addition to finding a nice place to eat, here are some other activities you might enjoy!

  • Rent a boat: It is as straightforward as it sounds. Take the boat out and do whatever you want - fishing, bading, visiting small islands – just simply enjoy a day out on the sea!
  • Paddle kayak: If you want to be a little active, but still quite relaxed, then renting a kayak might be just what you are looking for!
  • Go fishing: Are you a fishing enthusiast? In Kinsarvik you can find beautiful fishing spots. You can also rent gear if you are not planning on bringing your own.

Here at Kinsarvik Camping Norway we will gladly put you in contact with whoever you need to participate in the different activities.

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